Revealing the Beauty of Beau

I recently had the honour of working with Beau. His mistress,Tina was concerned as he would bite quite viciously at unexpected times and she wanted to find out why. I tuned in the night before to do a pre-assessment. I received a very clear picture of an excitable tuxedo kitty with a duality about him. As I arrived at the home I was looking for a black and white tornado and I was very surprised to see before me a lovely orange tabby with a very calm demeanour. How could I have been so wrong? The answer was revealed as I discovered that a black and white tuxedo kitty (Seymour) had died in the shelter while Beau was there and evidently had not been ready to depart! He had attached to Beau and was living through little Beau, creating discourse and confusion for Beau! We had to remedy the situation. Tina has more experience with the spirit world, so I asked her if she would help Seymour to move over the Rainbow bridge where he should be and she agreed. She invited Seymour to leave Beau and it was a very unique experience as we both felt his spirit hovering in the room, not quite decided if he should go or not. Then when she brought Archangel Michael, it was divine intervention and Tina and I both felt him walking into the divine light, tail twitching and head held high moving off into his new space. What an incredible experience!

I then refocused on my living client and began to balance Beau's chakras, taking care to sweep the extra energy stored at every chakra so that the energy could flow with more ease. This creates harmony in the body and prompts the entire system to actually heal. I gave extra attention to his face and ears as Tina had mentioned he had mouth issues. The 3 photos below show the progressive relaxation that Beau underwent. From slightly bewildered to soaking up the energy to total relaxation!