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Pixel's Expansion Project

During my first session with Pixel, it was clear that she enjoyed the massage, the energy and the work. It was also clear that she was a bit closed off. I got very little information about what she was struggling with or what would really enliven her. That all changed during our second session!

I started off by connecting to and balancing her chakras, then I energetically 'swept out' some extra energy that comes when the body reacts to physical pain, emotional upset or injury. (Our bodies are wonderful at sending energetic help to areas that need assistance, only thing is, the extra energy creates what I call 'a traffic jam' and nothing moves. That's where I come in! I'm a mover and a shaker when it comes to getting energy flowing again!). She started at my feet, and then moved away - she is so sensitive that she just needed a lessened intensity level.

I suddenly heard her voice, very small and quiet. She expressed that she was very concerned about being her big beautiful self, and felt that the correct posture was to curl up tightly into a little ball so that she was unobtrusive and was safe. I gently imparted that she was cherished member of this family. Her voice became stronger and more vibrant. She need a little break to absorb this new information so she ran downstairs and brought me her favorite toy to distract us for a couple minutes. So amazing to observe the deep wisdom of animals!

Break time!

Then we began again, and she settled in at my feet again. When we finished, she was very relaxed and enjoying the hip/leg work that we finished on. The final phase of our session was to lengthen her body and energetically stretch her - she was standing beside me and she arched her tail in a interesting way which I then gently stretched three times. She laid down at my feet again and I continued to expand her body space so she can properly employ her back and hips as they are meant to be.

I love this last photo! As our session was nearing the end, Pixel's 'mom' took a picture of her total relaxation.

Thanks Pixel! Another great session!

A Chakra Balance Session is a loving way to provide relaxation for your companion. It may also provide critical insights into the roots of the distress. I'd be delighted to offer you a complimentary 10 minute consult to answer your questions and to discover how I might serve your 'pack' best! Call 403-836-7065 or email

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