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Our Earth Angels

Patches, beloved Dalmation of Sharon Carne

I have long been aware of our beloved pet's ability to heal and comfort us. My angel guides, healing mentors as well as the experience of many sessions have led me to a deeper consideration.

I now feel that most of our little earth angels actually have a life contract to carry a portion of our burdens with us. Those burdens may be in the form of emotions, pain and stress which our furry friends help us to manage on a daily basis. How loving and beautiful - a true expression of open-hearted giving with no expectations!

I was inspired to explore this topic by a cherished mentor and friend, Sharon, after she shared the story of her beloved dog, Patches.

Her momma, an energetic empath and Reiki master, became aware that Patches was absorbing arthritic pain and inflammation. As a result, Patches was getting less mobile and was in obvious discomfort herself. Sharon asked Patches to stop taking on this burden, as she felt she could manage it herself, however it seemed Patches had other ideas, indeed, she seemed to be assigned this mission. She continued to absorb Sharon's burden until she died.

What a loving and selfless gift to have a friend that will help you carry the load. I daresay that she could have benefitted from an energetic sweep and balance, and Im sure that Sharon would have employed my services had we known each other at that time!

I encourage you to consider that our 'earth angels' are certainly more that just a warm snuggly body, wagging tail and a laughing face! They are our confidants, healers and spirit warriors working everyday along side us to provide us with more ease and flow. Consider giving back with a healing session just for them!

A Chakra Balance Session is a loving way to provide relaxation for your companion. It may also provide critical insights into the roots of the distress. I'd be delighted to offer you a complimentary 10 minute consult to answer your questions and to discover how I might serve your 'pack' best! Call 403-836-7065 or email

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