Rocky's Rebel Heart

Michelle and Rocky have had some tribulations. Rocky came from a previous home and he definitely had his own ideas about doing 'his own thing'. His independent spirit made him resistant to firm instruction. I came over to do a intuitive training session and offer observations and suggestions. After energetically connecting, I grounded & balanced Mr Rocky. Then we were ready to begin the messages.

First message was about 'accidents' in the house. It was clear to me that Rocky was asserting his own form of passive aggression by peeing when something was not to his liking. I formed an energetic message that was pretty clear about the guidelines around his home - "pee outside" and "tell the people when you need to go out".

Michelle's next request pointed at his behaviour when leaving for a walk, Rocky was the first one charging out the door. We practiced and repeated 'people first' , Michelle became the leader which carries on to the walk itself, creating a more relaxed dog,