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Do you suffer with chronic pain? Do you feel under stress? I hear your body's message and can melt the pain and pressure in one session! 


Whether we walk on two legs or four, our fast paced lives do not allow for us to slow down and smell the roses. During a session, world disappears and the focus is only on you. I hear you!  With you in balance, the challenges you face become manageable, and solutions become clearer and your emotional distress is calmed. My sessions will leave you re-balanced and relaxed, ready to take on the world in a new way!

I combine several modalities during a session including, but not limited to:

Access Consciousness, Angel and Guide Intuition Healing, Aromatherapy, Body Talk, Crystal Healing, Healing Touch, Sound Therapy

I offer a complimentary 10-minute consultation to answer any questions in how I might serve you best.


Email for pricing and availability


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