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"Carmen has helped me with two of my cats. One, Tigger, was nearing his time to leave this world. As a responsible owner, I wanted to know if it was time or if I was acting prematurely in having him put down. Carmen assured me that he was in no pain; just tired. He lived for another 10 days happily and content. I’m glad, because of Carmen, I did not take that from him.



My other cat, Sushi, had taken to killing baby hares and leaving them for me as “gifts”. After he had a little conversation with Carmen where she gently explained that I didn’t actually like that (because it was distressing);no more dead bunnies! He even quit leaving birds, too. She explained their talk to me and it was amazing how much of Sushi’s personality she was able to convey without ever having actually met him. I think Carmen truly has a unique gift!"

J Mitchell, Calgary

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