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Is your beloved pet slowing down? Are you concerned they are not enjoying quality of life? Is chaos the catch phrase of your home? I can help! 

When I connect energetically to an animal, their body speaks to me, providing insight into the source of their pain and discomfort, allowing me to hone in on problem areas, providing relief exactly where they need.


They also will communicate with me if we ask questions. I will receive the answers you've always wanted to ask and wondered about. 


If  chaos reigns, a chakra balance makes an immediate difference, and then I send them messages, effectively letting them know your wishes and concerns. This has proved a useful training tool as well. Harmony in the home CAN be achieved, no matter how desperate the situation seems!

I  use many techniques including: Angel and Guide Intuition Healing, Crystal Therapy, Healing Touch for Animals, Tellington T Touch Therapy, Sound Therapy

I offer a complimentary 10-minute consultation to answer any questions in how I might serve you and your pack best. 

Email for pricing and availability

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