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Disabled Pets

Good day all!

Today I was inspired to discuss what maybe affecting some of my readers - a physically challenged companion. We as humans tend to feel sorry for our companion and put them in charge of their world, and consequently, our world. This is very unsettling for them, as they are always on alert, taking care of us. Rather, I would encourage you to be the leader they need and create rules, boundaries and limitations for them to feel safe and secure within. The poodle pictured is Pascal, a fun-loving little guy and despite his physical limitations, he enjoys every second of his life! You have taken on the additional care, be proud and joyful! Until next time, I'm sending energy and balance! Carmen


Need a plan to help with your physically challenged pet? With my assessment session, I will come to your home, assess your individual needs, connect with your pet and offer solutions aimed to create more unity and harmony in your home. It really works!

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