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Gut Wrenching

Michelle phoned me in a panic - Rocky was bloated, shaking and panting, in obvious discomfort with no energy to move or motivation to eat. Within minutes, I started a distance session. I checked in with his body to discover what seemed to be a blockage exiting his stomach. I began to flow healing the area and to alleviate the pain and set my mind on energetically breaking down the blockage into a manageable size for his body to handle. I advised Michelle to continue to monitor him and take him to the vet if he seemed to be getting worse. I continued to be in contact with Michelle via text and Rocky energetically until I retired for the evening.

Rocky in Recovery

Later, Michelle was observing small improvements and took this picture of Rocky laying on his back, a posture he had never displayed before. I feel it was taking pressure off his intestinal system, allowing the mass to pass. The next morning, on their walk, he passed a small, mushy, pussy, mass. He was still not wanting to walk about much, however, at the off-leash park he was contented to sit under a bench and observe the going-ons around him. I intuited that he had indeed passed the problem, and had turned a corner. A little later, he show some outward signs of improvement, his appetite slowly returned, and the next day, back to his old self!

I am so gratified to know that I can make a difference for both these two beautiful beings!

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