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Pre and post operative support

You've decided that surgery is the best option for your pet or yourself? When we consider the intrusion of even a 'minor' surgery, it can make that decision feel scary. I have developed several techniques to prepare the energetic, emotional and physical body for the surgery. Reducing the initial stress to allow for a smoother outcome, and advising the physical body on a cellular level of the upcoming events.

Ok, now you've had a successful procedure, Yay! And thats only part of the challenge. Energetic support after surgery can reduce the stress, allowing the body to focus on the healing aspect (a body in fight or flight mode is too busy to heal!) I also energetically sweep the anaesthetic, allowing that to be more easily released from the body, boost the immune function, and create a higher vibration for the surgical site to acclimatize to its newly transformed self.

I have supported several people and animals through this part of their journey, and have had positive feedback and reports of reduced healing time, calmer animals, improved post-op cooperation, ahead of schedule healing times, and better outcomes in general. Tiny Tina, pictured below had ACL surgery and recovered 4 weeks ahead of schedule.

If you or a loved one is considering surgery, I invite you to take advantage of my complimentary consultation call to ascertain whether this support would be right for you.


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