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Karen contacted me to help Angus, an aging 'lion dog' with a gentle heart. He had a wound on his belly that refused to heal despite antibiotics, regular dressing changes and essential oils. He was not eating and the concern was that he would not overcome the infection in a weakened condition.

I started my session by grounding him to the earth and balancing his chakra system. I became aware that he had congestion in his tail and now believe it prevents a dog's connection to the earth, which is integral to their wellbeing. I swept the congestion and could sense this had increased the energetic flow and had definitely created a deeply relaxing state for him.

I then focused on the congestion around the wound. I was aware that if I could isolate the infected area from the rest of the body, Angus' body would be able to attack the problem naturally, he would regain his strength and appetite. I finished the session with a technique I call spine flow, which would put the nervous system into a deeply relaxed state with the intention of resetting the body from pain to healing.

During my follow up call, Karen told me Angus' appetite had returned and he seemed to be much more comfortable and happy.

I love my work!

If you have a pet that would benefit from this kind of transformational shift, take advantage of my complimentary consultation call and decide for yourself!


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