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Unforgettable Frankie

I had the pleasure of staying with Frankie for a month while his people were on an overseas trip. The warm weather allowed us lots of outdoor time and we took trips out to our family farm. He enjoyed the freedom of off leash adventures and he was well-suited and happy on the farm.

Frankie smiling

About one and a half weeks before his people were scheduled to return, I was getting dreams and messages that they would never return and that I would be responsible for Frankie. I tried to reach out to them, however could not make a connection. The same message kept coming to me consistently, and I began to plan how life would look should that actually occur. I resolved that I would keep him and that I would have to make some adjustments.

The day to leave came and as I packed up, I was still receiving the messages that Frankie was now to be a permanent part of my life.

Thankfully, they returned safely home and I was left to ponder why I would have been receiving such messages.

My intuitive sister provided the best insight. It was Frankie himself sending the messages! He was having such a great time, he claimed me for his own. That was not reality, but I would love to hang out again!

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