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Don't drop the Rock

Michelle had gone to visit an acquaintance's home to drop off some items. The woman uninvitedly scooped up Rocky, holding him like a baby, got startled and dropped him. Rocky was unable to right himself quickly enough and landed awkwardly on his face, throat and chest with great force.


Michelle contacted me and I came over to assess his health. I checked his chakras, gave him a mini-boost and thought all was well. Michelle texted in the morning and reported that he had struggled overnight and his breathing was laboured - could I check in with him? I did, and found that swelling, bruising and stiffness has increased overnight. I swept his throat, jaw, neck and shoulders, and sent some soothing, healing energy - Michelle said he subsequently showed improvement.

Later that day, I checked again, and his pain had re-asserted itself, so I did some more sweeping & soothing and continued to sweep his throat, jaw, neck and shoulders and sent some soothing, healing energy two to three times a day for the next two days.

Michelle observed that he was steadily returned to the pink.

The physical trauma was only part of the story, as Michelle saw that Rocky now was very nervous to be picked up, exhibiting reactions you could equate to PTSD. Together, we determined that the best approach was to invite him to be picked up and be very sure of holding him securely. The reluctance to be handled has slowly subsided for his trusted people, but he continues to have apprehension if strangers offer.

I currently continue to energetically support his recovery.

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