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Hello to all! We have had an extended period of a definable shift from what our lives were like to to what they are like now. We may be grieving the loss of that past like an comfortable, old favourite jacket, tattered and well-loved.

No use living back there, we‘re not going that way! I’d like to invite a new idea. Celebrate! Yes, celebrate. By allowing the shift, embracing the movement, allowing the flow and yes, even being grateful for the discomfort that this type of movement causes, we say yes to moving forward.

Making room spiritually for the new earth. Cleaning out the closet, so to speak, makes it possible to add new energy and vitality to your life.

If you would like to have an energetic, emotional or spiritual support during this shifting time, I’m offering a virtual spring tuneup session for $50 - available if booked until the end of April. I look forward to supporting you and your tribe!

Sending hugs, energy and balance,



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