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Lucky's Rabbit Foot

My friend Heidi arrived at our Sound Wellness class utterly exhausted and gravely concerned. Their rabbit, Lucky had gotten entangled in his wire cage and had panicked. Now he had a broken foreleg and a torn front shoulder. They had spent half the night at the vets office, trying to locate their specialized 'exotic' vet, but to no avail. The best the Vet techs could offer was to subcutaneously hydrate Lucky and send him home with pain killers. (They also offered to sedate Lucky and straighten his broken foreleg, however, the fact that there was no specialist to oversee the anesthetic and rabbits do not do well with anesthesia was much too high a risk for the couple to gamble on when it could mean Lucky's life)

She asked me if I could help, and I immediately agreed! Our generous teachers delayed our start of class that day and I started by balancing his chakras and sweeping some of the pain from his leg. At our mid morning break, Heidi checked in with Cody at home and he reported that, indeed Lucky was showing improvement and had taken some lettuce. Heidi asked if I could provide further energetic help to him. 'Yes, but I must caution you that this will really solidify the leg's healing process, and it may heal crooked. After consulting with Cody, they both agreed this was acceptable. At lunch, I did a more in-depth session with Lucky, and enlisted a beautiful toning circle to elevate his level of healing even further. For the afternoon break, the news continued to be positive and Lucky seemed to be on the right track.

That night I did some pain relief sweeping and I imagined his shoulder regaining its original shape.

The next day, Heidi said she saw him pawing at the bedding in his cage! She continued to keep me apprised of his recovery and mentioned that his shoulder was pretty floppy still. I imagined sewing it back to his body to stabilize it, and Heidi said she notice a difference - it was tighter to his body.

A vet visit determined Lucky was in recovery and deemed that no medical intervention was required.

Although his front leg is slightly crooked, within three weeks, Lucky had full use of his leg and shoulder without surgery or medical intervention, and has resumed his playful, if slightly cocky attitude about life.

Miracle? Nope, just a normal Chakramize day!

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