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Moving Mania Managed

Last week I had the opportunity to work with a family that was concerned about one of their dog's unusual and disruptive behavior. They recently moved, and although he had not shown prior indications of any stress or anxiety, it was now evident two monthes later, that he was not enjoying life fully. He was not sleeping and was awakening the household with his restlessness. He would bark to come in the house, and then stare past his owner at something else and turn and run away. Another abnormality was shown at mealtime (which he normally LOVES) in that he would begin to eat, suddenly startle and go to cower under the table. His owners were concerned and perplexed, and we scheduled a session balance his chakras and assess the other issues.

In my meditation prior to the session, I was made aware that the house energy was congested and there was a presence, which while not harmful, was worrisome to the dog. Neither dog's chakras were balance and the owner, an energetic massage therapist, was not in balance either.

An energetic clearing was in order! I brought out my beautiful Tibetan singing bowl to bless the house clear the congestion, and connect with the spirit. I sensed that there was actually two separate spirits that were creating some discord. An elderly Asian male presented himself and seemed to disappear when I acknowledged him. A child spirit was also there, and she was trying to pet the dog. I conveyed to her that it was frightening to the dogs, and she immediately left.

After the energy was clear, I balanced both dog's chakras. They fell asleep immediately.

I then turned my attention to their owner. We had a long chat, and I realized that she was very distressed about the move and really missed her previous house. We settled in to a chakra balancing and white light bath. Ahhhhh! Now everyone in the house was peaceful and settled.

The next day, my client wrote me the following email:

"What a Change!

Hi Carmen, R was so chilled last night. Both dogs slept so quietly and are super relaxed this morning. Feeling thankful! R.N." Calgary

This illustrates beautifully how an energetic shift, embraced by the participants, can turn chaos into peace in one session!

For your own session of AHHHH, book an appointment today -

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