Perfectly Patches

What can I say about Patches? He is an angel dog! Really, yes, really an angel dog sent to his family by the angels during a troublesome time. And let me tell you, his joyful and untroubled nature shows it! What an enjoyable session!

As I have never met him in person, and his owner shared no details, it was a delight to discover his vibrant personality.

It was a distance session and when I first connected, I was physically moved back, as his energy hit me with a blast. He is unable to contain his joie de vivre and his voice is loud, full of life and vigor. As soon as we established the connection, he offered to lick my whole face and I sensed this was to be accompanied by much tail/body wagging and demonstrative wiggles.

He has absolutely no holdback when it comes to unconditional love, it spills out continuously. I was touched, moved and inspired by this little cherub.