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Ah, dearest Piper! My wish for you is to provide you relief and relaxation!

It was a distance session, so my knowledge comes only from the energetic 'feel' and the messages the animal sends.

Prior to the session, his owner asked me to investigate Firstly, whether he still wants to be present on this physical plane with us. Secondly, why, o why does he make those weird vocalizations from time to time? Thirdly, is he stressed by the smell of the other dogs on people's clothes?

I had my instructions, and connected to Piper.

He is getting older and has a list of physical discomforts, which I assessed, swept energetically and balanced to provide pain relief and assist his body to heal itself. I noticed his hips are 'creaky' quite common for a dog his age. I also felt that his spine was not flowing naturally. I energetically swept his hips and erased and swept some of the weird spinal energy.

I noticed that his lower chakras were not balancing easily, while his upper chakras quite easily slipped into a balanced state. This indicated to me that he is a clever and cerebral character with an easy connection to the etheric realm with a far less attachment to the earth than the majority of dogs I've encountered.

I asked if he was happy to be here, and he quite emphatically indicated that he was content and definitely not ready to depart.

I then inquired about the vocalizations. He explained that he has a spirit friend that he calls for. He can hear her voice and he misses the sound of voices. I determined that he was deaf and in a conversation with his mistress later, they have suspected he is deaf and that they are visited regularly by a departed family member.

My next query was with regard to his angst about the other dog smell. He replied in a very gravelly voice 'I don't likes dem udder dogs!'. I saw quite clearly that he recognizes he is weakening and is concerned about being replaced. I quickly assured him that he will be loved and cherished until the end of his days. This seemed to create a great calm within him.

My subsequent after-session discussion with his owner revealed that Piper had a slipped disc and is on several medications for relaxation and pain relief. This is also a reason that he is so 'floaty' and not connected to the earth as much.

I told his 'mum' all that I discovered and she expressed her delight at how accurate the information was. The dogs know!

I am so blessed to be able to talk to the animals! They surprise and delight me & their owners every session!

A Chakra Balance Session is a loving way to provide relaxation for your companion. It may also provide critical insights into the roots of the distress. I'd be delighted to offer you a complimentary 10 minute consult to answer your questions and to discover how I might serve your 'pack' best! Call 403-836-7065 or email

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