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Sassie Cassie still going strong

Cassie unsettled

Cassie's 'mom', Barb heard about me from a mutual friend and texted me for an appointment. Her inquiry was a bit vague as to the nature of the issue but I love surprises, so I arrived at the address with an open heart and mind, ready to serve whatever need presented itself. Barb was concerned that Cassie's quality of life had deteriorated, and was wondering if I could connect with Cassie and ascertain if it was time to make a final trip to the vet.

Initially, Cassie was panting and anxiously pacing, unable to settle down. I always dab on a hint of lavender oil earlier in the day to promote relaxation and trust in me, so all I could do was ease into my routine. I set up my clearing tower and said a prayer of gratitude for the session, for Barb and for me.

I could tell that Cassie's hips were bothering by the way she moved. I started our session, and when I connected our hearts, she started to relax. Her panting eased, and she began to settle down.

What love and beauty this dog exuded, along with a definite will to stay here with us on the physical plane! She has a quirky sense of life and like many Golden Retrievers, is very anxious to please her people. I began by clearing and balancing her main chakras. I also swept the physical aspect of each chakra - energetic body supports physical body supports energetic body! I wrapped each chakra with its unique and supportive energy and I then sang some supportive energy into the space to 'seal and heal' the work we had just accomplished. Cassie herself inspired the final piece of the session, as she led me outside and looked for a ball to worry. I focused on grounding and connecting her to earth energy to support her continued balance for a longer time. Now, our work was done.

I followed up for three days to ensure that Cassie's system stayed grounded and in balance, and I do a quick energetic check-in every two weeks to make sure there have been no major changes.

Barb was relieved to know her Cassie was going to hang around for a while!

Barb reported that Cassie's mobility was easier and she had more zip in her step!

(Three days ago, when I did my distance check-in, I noticed she was very stressed. I phoned Barb right away and she informed me that Cassie was being boarded while they were on a trip. I checked in again today and she is much better!)

Relaxed ....


I was honoured to connect with such a lovely heart!

A Chakra Balance Session is a loving way to provide relaxation for your companion. It may also provide critical insights into the roots of the distress. I'd be delighted to offer you a complimentary 10 minute consult to answer your questions and to discover how I might serve your 'pack' best! Call 403-836-7065 or email

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