Mika and Her Ghost Cat

A friend asked me to connect with her daughter's cat, Mika to find out why she was biting and scratching her 'mommy' for no apparent reason. I said I would connect the next afternoon.

Overnight I had a dream about Mika, which pointed to the idea that a ghost cat was trying to drive her away. I awoke in the wee hours, and talked to the spirit. This 'Ghost Cat' told me that it was defending its territory and would continue to do so until the interlopers (feline and human) were OUT OF MY TERRITORY! I revealed to this spirit there may be another way, and asked if it wanted to 'cross to the light'. It agreed, and I felt, rather than saw this ghost cat cross over and depart this plane through a bright white porthole. I was left a bit breathless and in wonder - had that REALLY just happened? As I was wondering, I drifted back to sleep.

Later that day, to begin my distance session with Mika, I asked HER if the spirit had departed and she confirmed that yes, it had. She was very pleased with this and thanked me heartily! After I balanced her chakras, I messaged her about the violent behaviour she had been displaying - the vicious biting and ferocious scratching that left her 'mommy' wounded and bleeding.